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Works, from top left to bottom right: Eddie Aparicio, Aquellos Que Apuntan Con El Dedo Medio (11th St. and Union St., Los Angeles, California), 2017; Carmen Argote, Accumulations, 2017; Ron Athley, Cyclic, 2018; Diedrick Brackens, opening tombs beneath the heart, 2018; Gelare Khoshgozaran, U.S. Customs Demands to Know, 2016–ongoing; and Jennifer Moon, A Story of a Girl and a Horse: The Search for Courage, 2014.


Artadia, the arts nonprofit that gives unrestricted funds to artists throughout the United States, announced the names of the six finalists for its fourth annual Los Angeles awards.

Those six finalists, in alphabetical order, are Eddie Aparicio, Carmen Argote, Ron Athey, Diedrick Brackens, Gelare Khoshgozaran, and Jennifer Moon. (Argote and Khoshgozaran were recently named L.A.-based artists to watch by ARTnews.) They were selected from applications submitted to Artadia.

After another round of jurying that involves studio visits, two of those artists will receive $10,000 apiece, and one will receive $25,000 through a new partnership with the Marciano Art Foundation, which is based in the city.

The jurors for the prize were as follows: Pavel Pyś, curator of visual arts at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis; Erin Christovale, assistant curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles; and the Brookyn-based artist Zina Saro-Wiwa.

“There is an incredible energy in the art scene in LA at the moment and this was evident in the applications which all demonstrated flair, commitment, and singularity,” Saro-Wiwa said in statement to press.

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